Thursday, March 12, 2015

Middle Earth Movie Meme - Day Twenty-Five

Characters you wish you liked more

         But I like all the characters! Well, except the ones that I don't, but you see, that's beside the point. Not really, that just sounded good. Soary. I wish I liked Frodo more. I know it's not his fault - it's the ring - blah blah blah, but I just can't seem to like him personally. There are many great blog posts out there defending Frodo, and I agree with them. He is good. I just don't care for him as much as he deserves.

I like him a lot in the books - he's dignified and strong. In the movies, though, he's kind of a wimp. Now, before all you Frodo fans come at me, let me say I KNOW. I've heard it all before. I believe it. He is a good character and he saved Middle Earth. However. He's not my favorite. I wish I could like him, but I can't. I've tried. It has worked marginally, but that is all. :)



  1. I understand! I like Frodo, but I can't say he's my favorite.

  2. I'm similar. Frodo's the character I understand the least, and I wish I liked and understood him more. Especially since he's kinda the main character...