Saturday, March 21, 2015

Middle Earth Meme - Day Twenty-Seven

Favorite End Song

        The Last Goodbye. Because Reasons. It is so feelsy and beautiful and Billy Boyd. It completes the journey. We now go our separate ways after being together for so long. The Middle Earth saga is over. But the Fellowship will be forever bound together in friendship and in love.

        I know most of you have probably seen this AT LEAST once before, but watch it again. Remember. The only credit song I do not like is The Song of the Misty Mountains (yuck), but this one is the best.



  1. *wipes tears* Yes!

    There's such a (hopeful) finality to the song that I just - just - gaaahh.

  2. That song though...Billy Boyd, whyyyyy! :) Into the West was probably my favorite:) *sighs*

  3. Yup. My favorite too. Completely perfect. I love how the Shire theme gets woven into it.