Sunday, December 14, 2014


        I'm a fangirl. Y'all probably knew that already, but to be honest, most of the people I see every day don't. Not withstanding my family of course. See, my first experience with fandoms was when the Les Mis movie came out in 2012. No, that was not my first experience with the musical (and I hold very strongly that the stage musical is FAR better than the movie), but we had just gotten a new computer and I started using it a lot. Our old one took about forty five minutes just to turn on and then ten minutes every time you wanted to change pages or do anything else. It just wasn't worth it. Anyway, I got really into Les Mis at that point - I already knew the musical by heart - but I learned all about previous casts and actors and everything else there is to know about it. I saw references to the Les Miserables 'fandom', but I had no idea what that meant. When people talked about 'joining the fandom' I thought you had to go sign up, I don't know, on some website or something. 

Bilbo is the fandom wishing I had never figured it out.

        I found the blog that inspired my own through my searches for Les Mis info, which was a very good thing, let me tell you. Soon after, I got really into everything Tolkien. I read the books again, and my brother and I watched the movies (for his first time). I was obsessed. Still am. Everyone who reads this blog probably knows that. I since have 'joined' a bunch of other fandoms.

        There are feels. FEELS, PEOPLES!!!! Just to think that a couple of years ago this word would have bewildered me.


        And there's that gooey feeling you get when your favorite character talks or does anything.

        And then there's it all mixed together when you just have SO MANY FEELINGS OF ALL SORTS. Basically most of the time.

        Fandoms are awesome. There are some nasty people, but there are nasty people everywhere. They're easy to avoid. Fandoms are amazing. Fandoms are crazy.

        It's amazing when you meet people in 'real life' that are in the same fandoms as you and you have that little moment of squealing and jumping up and down together. And hopefully many more in the future.

        So that's me.


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  1. Love everything about this post, dearie!!! Expect an email from me soon! Love ya

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    ~ Aspen