Saturday, December 6, 2014

74 Acres

        A little over a year ago, my mom inherited, shall we say, a large sum of money when my grandfather passed away. We have always dreamed of having more land than our little postage stamp in the suburbs 5000 square feet - including the house and detached garage - so it seemed like the perfect opportunity. See, here in the SF Bay Area, everything costs more, including the land. Yeah, it stinks. But after looking around for a couple months, we came across a parcel of land MUCH bigger than any we had seen for sale before, and for actually less than the smaller ones. I fell in love with it just from the pictures online, although my family had their doubts. When we all went to go see it, though, they found it to be perfect. Long story short, we got it. After months of dealing with misbehaving banks, the sale closed and we are now the grateful owners of 74 acres of gorgeous land. Yes, it's a bit dry because of the lack of rain, but with some grazing animals and rainfall, it will soon be lush and beautiful. We have a lot of work to do what with fencing and everything to keep predators out, but we're moving right along and hope to get some alpacas shortly. It's nice because we no longer have to go to a range for target practice, and we have a plethora of deer and turkeys to hunt as well. Last time we were out there (it's about 20 minutes from our house), I brought my camera and took a bunch of pictures for y'all. 

        Okay, this is my favorite place. It's a path bordered with trees and carpeted with tiny green sprouts and dried leaves. It's gorgeous. Also, the creek is right off to the side.

         There are a ton of deer around! I'm looking forward to finally having a place to hunt. It's just really a shame when the deer population is so large and they get hit by cars and wasted every day.

        From the very top, you can see both the bay and the nearest mountain. Although I haven't yet seen it myself, our new neighbor says that on a very clear day, you can even see Mount Lassen and the Sierras!!!! For those of you not familiar with California geography, I have a map. Sorry for the bad quality, but I think you get the picture! The circle is about where we are, and then the arrows show where the mountains are.

        I almost can't believe we own this land! It's amazing, and a great responsibility as well. I can't thank God enough for this huge blessing and answer to prayer.


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  1. Oh. My. GOODNESS! Reyna darling, it's so lovely! The trees, grasslands, rolling hills, valleys....ahhh *faints* It looks like a little piece of Middle Earth! Watch out and don't find any orcies!!! ;)

    Your 'tree tunnel' area reminds me of the tree tunnel on our new place!!!! Have you named any of the spots yet?

    Love and Blessings -

    ~ Aspen