Saturday, September 13, 2014


Feeling - Sick. I had a sore throat all yesterday, and today I am super congested and have a fever. Going to work and walking around for almost seven hours probably didn't help much, but they were already short an employee so I just didn't tell anyone I felt like I was dying. My head literally felt (and still feels like) it's going to explode. Apparently I fell asleep on my break at work, though; My friend said she tried to wake me up but couldn't. So I had a little five minute nap and didn't even know it! Since I got home four hours ago, I've just been piddling around feeling miserable. I tried to watch a movie but our DVD player wouldn't cooperate, so I've been guzzling yarrow tea and walking around the house trying to forget how lousy I feel. It's not working.

Reading - Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte. I read it last year and really liked it, despite my initial doubts. Also, Our Mutual Friend by Dickens and The First World War by Martin Gilbert for school, as I said a couple posts back.

Watching - Baseball (I am actually doing this *right* now). Because of where we live, it's kind of a choice between the Oakland A's and the SF Giants. I'm supposed to root for the A's 'cause my dad says so, but I don't really have a favorite between the two teams. I must admit, though, I do enjoy watching the Giants more because there are a few players that I really like. One, Joe Panik, is a rookie as of this year - he just came up from the minor leagues in July. I initially liked him because I felt sorry for him; he looked so small and scared sitting in the dugout. I think he resembles Buster Posey in appearance, and he seems to have adopted a lot of Posey's mannerisms, actually, so I call him 'Little Buster'. He's my favorite. :) Since he came up to the majors, he has become an amazing player, and has the highest batting average on the team! He has had two 4 for 4 games, and one 5 for 5, which is really good. I always make sure I watch him when he's up - I like his batting stance and everything. And, he's pretty cute. :)

Looking forward to - Eponine having her babies! Yes, I know it's still a while away, but she's already started developing an udder and I'm getting excited! Not to say that I wasn't before, but it's actually happening now!!! Goatlings are on the way!

Listening to - Lots of movie soundtracks, including The Hobbit, Pirates of the Caribbean, and HTTYD 2. Also, Les Mis and Phantom as usual. :)

Practicing - A Pirates of the Caribbean medley on piano. The original is in the video below, although, I can't play it nearly as well as the composer. Go figure. It's still a work in progress, for the November piano recital.

        I hope you enjoyed this little peek into my life resulting from my restlessness this evening. Being on the computer is pretty much the only thing right now that I can handle, as all my muscles are sore from the fever and I can hardly think. One good thing is that I've received 100% positive feedback on my new blog look so far! Please vote on the poll in the sidebar and tell me if YOU like it!



  1. Aww sorry to hear that you are not feeling too well, but I hope you get better soon! Love the new blog look too! Oh and that baseball player.... *faints* wow! :P

  2. Hope you feel better very soon. Will keep you in my prayers.

  3. Oh feel better soon! And good luck on that piano piece! :D

  4. Oh dear! I so sorry you aren't feeling well, darling! I'll be praying that you get better. Love ya!

    Blessings -

    ~ Aspen