Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A Tolkien Blog Party of Special Magnificence - Tag

        This week, Hamlette is hosting a Tolkien blog party over at The Edge of the Precipice! Of course, being a huge fan of J.R.R. Tolkien and all of his works, I just had to join. There's a fabulous tag, and also a giveaway with loads of splendiferous goodies! So please head over there, enter the giveaway, and and maybe even join the party!

        So without further ado, here is the tag!

1.  Who introduced you to Tolkien's stories? Probably my mom. I read the Hobbit at a pretty young age and she most likely was the one who gave it to me to read.

2.  How old were you when you first ventured into Middle Earth?
I remember being obsessed with the songs and the runes and the riddles when I first read the Hobbit; loving the story and it's whimsical writing style even though I was so young. I was, although I can't remember exactly, probably about seven or eight?
3.  Did you read the books first, or see movie versions first?
Books first! I didn't see the movies until I was eleven or twelve, and at first I didn't like them one bit. My mom put the first one on when I was sick one time, and I was really lost... I don't know if it was because I was sick, but I never finished the first movie, nor watched the others that time. About a year later, my younger brother read the books and wanted to watch the movies - I watched the movies and LOVED them. Don't know what was wrong with me the first time. :/ I have been, for the past couple years now, completely obsessed. I read the books a million times over again, including the Silmarillion and the Book of Lost Tales, and still watch the movies a ton. In 2013, I watched all three LOTR movies through five times.

4.  A dragon or a balrog -- which would you rather fight?
Eek! Neither? Oh, that doesn't count? I'd probably rather fight a dragon if it came down to it, but the fight wouldn't last long. I'd be toast. 

5.  Who are three of your favorite characters?  (Feel free to elaborate on why.)
Well, I love Bilbo. Who doesn't? He's a home body, but also, once he tries it out, loves to go on adventures. "I want to see mountains, Gandalf, mountains!" He has good taste in food, clothing, and, er, hobbit holes. :) I love Sam in LOTR as well, and also Eowyn in the books. Sam because he's just Sam, and Eowyn because she's a strong yet not feministic character and I love her and Faramir's relationship *sigh*.
6.  Have you ever dressed up like a Tolkien character?
Not specifically like a certain character, but more days than not I go for an elvish, or dwarvish, or hobbitish look.

7.  If someone asks you to go on adventure, how do you respond?
Depends on what kind of adventure. But most likely, YES!

8.  Have you read any of the "history of Middle Earth" books?
I have read the Book of Lost Tales, both parts, and want to read more!

9.  Would you rather drink a bowl of Ent Draught or a glass of Old Winyards?
I've never had wine, although I'd like to think that someday I'll like it, but now I'd have to go with Ent Draught. I'm not sure I would like its effects, though.

10.  List up to ten of your favorite lines/quotes from the books or movies.

        And that's that! Again, please go check out the other cool stuff going on at The Edge of the Precipice (the link is at the top of the page). Thank you Hamlette for hosting this splendid party!



  1. I love that last quote. I would totally buy an art print of that and frame it for my living room.

    I just finished The Silmarillion, so I'm curious: is The Book of Lost Tales a different style retelling of The Silmarillion?

    1. It is different than the Silmarillion, but certainly written more in that style than, say, the Hobbit. It does read more like a history book than a novel, for instance. :)

    2. Cool! I bet I would like it then. The Silmarillion was interesting, but I started to lose track of the kings simply because there were so many. And half of their names started with F. I figured The Book of Lost Tales might help keep them all straight.

  2. The book of lost tales is so high on my list! I'll get to them for sure! And love how you showed your quotes - the pictures make them all the more better :)

  3. How funny that at first you hated the movie versions! I know I have friends who are disappointed with some aspects of them, and I have things I would have changed myself, but for the most part I love them, and I'm glad to hear you warmed up to them :-)

    Great quotes! I really love the last one. Thanks so much for joining the party! I hope you're having fun :-)

    1. Yeah, I love the movies, even though there are some parts I would have changed. Oh, well, I suppose I wouldn't be pleased unless they were exactly like the books, and that would never happen. I look back and laugh at myself for hating them at first now that I love them - I don't know if I was just too young, or too sick, or what, lol.

    2. There are several things that I just blew off or disliked at first, but when I gave them a second chance, I discovered they were actually awesome. So good for you for giving them a second chance! I know people who won't even watch them because "fantasy is stupid," and I'm like, "You have no idea. Just stop."