Thursday, January 29, 2015

GUEST POST: Garden Preparation

My dear friend, Reyna, asked if I would do a quest post for her, and I was only too glad to comply! So without further ado....

'Tis the season to be planning for your spring garden! 
Here is a short list of things to help you prepare your garden for spring planting:

  • Clean last year's harvest from your garden.

  •  Hoe up your beds, and add compost/mulch if needed.

  •  Plant a cover crop.

  •  Start building your compost pile, using all the dead grass, weeds, and vines from your garden. It will make lovely compost.

  •  Now's the time to start pouring over seed catalogs and decide what plants you want to grow this year.

  •  Stock up on any supplies that you need. Example: seed trays, seed labels, a new hoe to replace your broken one, etc. Order that now and have it here for when you need it.

  • Did you take notes from last year's garden, on what worked and what didn't? Apply what you learned to this year's crop(s).

  • Organize your gardening tools and equipment.

Thanks again Reyna darling! I enjoyed doing this post tremendously!  
Blessings -
~ Aspen 

Thank you so much Aspen for doing this guest post! I'm just going to add a linky to her blog here because y'all should check it out: Texas Rebel Girl

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