Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Rumors And Truths

        Hi all! Sorry for the lack of posts here recently - life has gotten in the way of what was once a schedule. Anyway, I had this grand idea for a post and I would like y'all to give your input. So the idea is that I would confirm or dispel rumors about California. In general. Or the SF Bay Area in particular. Or Even the U.S. for those of my lovely readers who don't live here. I've heard a lot and that's how I got the idea in the first place, but I wanted to leave the comment box open for things you might be curious about. 
        Have you heard stuff about California? Leave me a comment and I'll put it and a response in my post! Even if you think 'Oh, I know this is true', or 'This could never be what actually goes on!' please ask me anyway! You never know, reality could be quite different than what you've heard in, I dunno, Delaware. Or Brazil.

Is is true, or to the contrary?



  1. Do all Americans say y'all? :D
    Just been curious on that one :)

  2. ^EVERYONE. (not really though ;D)

    But, how about the California cliche of blonde surfers? Crazy movie people? Are there as many of those in CA as we see in movies?? :D