Wednesday, October 29, 2014

A Stack of Books

        Have you ever read a certain part of a book that was so well written that you have to stop, read it again, and then sight contentedly and revel in the wonder of it all.? Of course you have! Most of my followers, I know, are avid readers. Many of you are even writers! I was at the library today, and although they didn't have what I went for, I did come home with several other things. For one, the first set of Foyle's War, a show I have heard many good things about. My mom's going to preview it and see if there are any parts we might want to skip, and I'm looking forward to watching it! As well as renewing a book I had checked out for History, I looked through the small used book shop they have and found three to buy for very cheap. One was What Jane Austen Ate and Charles Dickens Knew, a handy book with everything you need to know about 1800-1900 England. I borrowed it from the library a year or so ago, and found it extremely diverting, so I was happy to find it for $1. :)

        The next was The Making of Pride and Prejudice. Seriously, why didn't someone tell me this existed before now?!?! It has all sorts of stuff about locations, costumes, cast, etc., as all books of that nature do, and it is amazing!

        Last but not least, a gorgeous copy of Gone With the Wind. We watched this movie a few years back and I didn't care for it at all, but I decided I'd give the book a try. My mom said she thought it was better than the movie, so I have high hopes. I read the first couple pages, but then I had to go do something else. I hate getting interrupted while reading, don't you? Anyway, this is what I was talking about in the beginning of my post - with regard to a paragraph being just so well written that I can't deal with reality any more. It is written so very well, and I am sure I will enjoy it at least for that. I might give the movie another try after too. I don't know that I would have gotten it anyway, but it is such a nicely bound copy that I couldn't resist. I even found a picture of the same one I have online:

         Today (the library trip was yesterday), I was at a thrift store, and I found some books there as well. The softcovers are only 25 cents, and I found two Dickens books I didn't have yet - A Tale of Two Cities and David Copperfield. I've read the former and love it, but not the latter; in fact I know close to nothing about it. Pretty much all I've heard is that it was the author's favorite out of all his books. So I hope it will be good!
        I can't wait to read these books, some of them for the first time! Have you heard of/read many of these books? What did you think of them?


I do have several posts in drafts that I need to finish, although I haven't had much time. When I get a moment I'll try to make some progress and post them.


  1. Tag! again! :D check out
    "Me Myself and I" I will add your name to the list!

  2. I am a huge fan of What Charles Dickens Ate and Jane Austen Knew!! I borrowed it from the library a couple years ago, and then last summer my sister and I found it at a booksale and bought it. It's SO informational and fascinating. :-)

    Oh, you MUST give GWTW another chance! It's the most amazing movie ever! (Well, not quite, but close, in my opinion.) Of course it's overdramatic and as long as days, but.....oh, I just love it. It really is one of the best movies ever made. I haven't read the book yet, but my cousin read it this year and it's now her favorite novel of all time. What a beautiful copy you've got there!


  3. I loved WCDAJAK! Totally on my Christmas wish list. Brilliant book.

    GWTW... I read years ago, and it was great, but I don't feel the need to revisit it. But I like the movie, so I'll stick with that.

    Also, I tagged you here. Play if you like.