Wednesday, July 16, 2014

New Hunting Recurve

        I recently purchased a Shakespeare Kaibab hunting bow from someone on Craigslist. I had been wanting a bow for about two years (perhaps longer - I can't remember), but I just never came across the right one until a few weeks ago. It was a bit more expensive than I would have liked, but from the information I came across online, this bow is very rare and people hang on to them because they're so good. Thus, I was willing to pay a bit extra to get one of my own. :)
        It was made in the 70s, so it qualifies as vintage; I like that! It can be used to hunt larger game, since it has a 50+ draw weight, which is good 'cause I want to hunt deer. Another plus is that it came with five broadhead arrows, camo bow sleeves, and a glove. The glove was a size large, but I just moved the Velcro and it fits now. Here's a picture of the bow itself:

        These are practice arrows that I bought, since I can't use the broadheads for that purpose. I had them fitted at an archery store, but I think I'll need new ones soon since my arm is going to get stronger. I haven't done archery for a long time, but the guy who fitted me at the store said that I was able to pull the 50+ draw back much farther than he would have ever expected me to. He had to check on the bow again to make sure he read the draw weight right!

        The glove and armguard:

         I went with my brother to where he shoots his recurve at our neighbors' house; he has a straw bale set up with a target. I soon found out that my bow is far to strong for that, though. My arrows got lodged in the board behind and it was a nightmare to try to get them out without snapping them. A while back, a friend from church who owns a house in our town gave us permission to set up a target on his land, up in a clearing they don't really use. I'm going to get a few straw bales and put them back to back - then I can just walk the mile down there and shoot whenever I want.
        I love my bow! It is so strong; I was amazed at how fast those arrows flew, even when I didn't pull it back as far as I can! I'm really looking forward to eventually going deer hunting with it! :)
        What are your thoughts on archery? Have you ever bow hunted? Recurve? Compound (I know that's what almost all people use for hunting, especially large game)?



  1. Ahhh! That bow looks awesome! So epic. I absolutely adore archery, though I don't get to do it nearly as often as I'd like. Have fun with that! :D

  2. I've wanted to learn to shoot a bow, but the arrows are so expensive and don't hold up well. I much prefer my pellet rifle, but if I had a bow I'd get an English- style longbow.